The Influence of Cell Cycle Regulation on Chemotherapy

Cell cycle regulation is orchestrated with a complex network of interactions between proteins, enzymes, cytokines, and cell cycle signaling pathways, and it is vital for cell proliferation, growth, and repair. The occurrence, development, and metastasis of tumors are carefully associated with the cell cycle. Cell cycle regulation could be synergistic with chemotherapy in 2 aspects: inhibition or promotion. The sensitivity of tumor cells to chemotherapeutic drugs could be improved using the cooperation of cell cycle regulation strategies. This review presented the mechanism from the generally used chemotherapeutic drugs and also the aftereffect of the cell cycle on tumorigenesis and development, and also the interaction between chemotherapy and MYCi361 cell cycle regulation in cancer treatment was briefly introduced. The present collaborative tricks of chemotherapy and cell cycle regulation are discussed at length. Finally, we outline the difficulties and perspectives concerning the improvement of combination techniques for cancer therapy.